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➷ December 12th
Utekisei at Kagurane, Tokyo
➷ November 23rd
Silent Green, Berlin (opening for NIVHEK)
➷ November 18th
Dream Alley Dream, Blue Mountains Creative Arts Centre, Katoomba with Mara Schwerdtfeger
➷ August 19th
Cantos 3 at Collingwood House, Naarm duo with Daniel Jenatsch
➷ August 10th
Phoenix Central Park, Eora
➷ July 14th
Witness K album launch, Join the Dots, Marrickville, Eora
➷ June 15th
Art Gallery of NSW, with KMRU and Dean Hurley
Furtive Glances Tour:
May 6th
Surfacing Series, Annandale Creative Arts Centre, Gadigal Country with ilex
May 5th
Ainslie Salon, Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centre, Ngunnawal Country with Genie Stuart
March 26th
Omniversal Hum at Eastmint, Naarm with Joe Talia and Zoltan Fecso
➷ March 28th
Make It Up Club, Naarm duo with Daniel Jenatsch
➷ March 30th
The Substation, Naarm with Dave Grubbs and Mike Cooper

➷ 29th October
Pratten Park with Warm Currency, Rachel Schenberg and Mitchel Cumming
➷ 9th September
Rammel Club Nottingham with Alexandra Spence and Linda Kemp
➷ 6th September
ADSR3 at Tokoro Studio London with Martyn Riley and Julia Deng, with film screening from Alexandra Spence and Rachel Archibald
➷ 5th September
Chance Meeting Manchester with Alexandra Spence and Kelly Jane Jones
➷ 25th June
Rouse Hill Psychedelia
➷ 12th June
Elise Harmsen and Nicola Smith finissage at Knulp, with MP Hopkins
➷ 18th May
23rd Biennale of Sydney, The Waterhouse at the Cutaway, Barangaroo
➷ 9th April
107 Projects
➷ 25th March
Plantasia: Cement Fondu x Art Month
➷ 12th February
Lights and Waves, Ainslie Arts Centre, Canberra

➷ 14th November
Subvisual Scuba, livestream
➷ 3rd June
Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
➷ 3rd May
The Peoples Republic, Camperdown
➷ 24th April
STST08 Katoomba, NSW
➷ 13th March
Dream Opera at Millions of Us curated by Bree van Reyk, World Square, Sydney
➷ 29th January
Mike Nigro "In Communion" Release, YouTube livestream

➷ 20th June
Ambient 1: Music for Airports by Brian Eno performed by Alaska Orchestra, Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House Digital Season
➷ 23rd February
Humming Grotto #5 with 180°, Megan Alice Clune and Sumn Conduit, Petersham Bowling Club, Sydney
➷ 22nd January
Nomad #8 with Kota Yamauchi and Andrew Couzens, Lucky You, Kyoto
➷ 10th January
Exhibition closing and performance, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo
➷ 5th January
with Makoto Oshiro, Hakobune at Ftarri, Tokyo

➷ 31st December
Ftarri New Years Eve, Ftarri, Tokyo
➷ 21st December
Threshold No. 9 with Chihei Hitakeyama, Otömika, Joe Fujinoki and Rhucle, Soup, Tokyo
➷ 11th December
Otooto, Tokyo
➷ 19th October
Thomas Hardisty LP launch w/ Megan Alice Clune & Nic Warnock, Petersham Bowling Club
➷ 28th September
Surfacing Series 2, Down / Under Space
➷ 4th July
Alaska Orchestra, Jannah Quill, Lisa Lerkenfeldt at Loop Project Space, Melbourne (with Alaska Orchestra)
➷ 19th June
Commune #4, Sideway Bar, Canberra
➷ 16th June
Intense Nest feat. Tim Coster, Steam Vent and Megan Alice Clune
➷ 13th June
Shoeb Ahmed, Pure Mass and Alaska Orchestra, Freda’s (with Alaska Orchestra)
➷ 14th April
Our Neon Foe
➷ 26th March
album launch - We Make Each Other Up, Verge Gallery
➷ 12th January
Surfacing Series, Down / Under Space (with Alaska Orchestra)

➷ 24th November
Megan Alice Clune, Del Lumanta and Tom Hardisty, Petersham Bowling Club
➷ October
Desire Lines 6.0, performance at Wylie’s Baths (with Alaska Orchestra)
➷ 29th August - 2nd September
Music for Rhiannon Newtown’s We Make Each Other Up
➷ 14th August
The NOW now Aug 14 at 107 Projects
➷ 6th July
Shoeb Ahmed Quiver album launch at 107 Projects
➷ 9th June
Tully Arnot artist talk w performance by Megan Alice Clune, Cement Fondu
➷ 3rd-5th June
Brian Eno’s Ambient 1: Music for Airports performed by Alaska Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House for VividLIVE [sold out]
➷ 12th May
fluid feelings – performance series with Kieran Bryant at Verge Gallery
➷ 28th April
Liquid Architecture’s Polyphonic Social: The Unsingularity at Abbotsford Convent
➷ 14th March
with Rhiannon Newton at Firstdraft
➷ 21th February
Score Club at Frontyard
➷ 23rd January
Artist talk w Anna Homler curated by Cara Stewart, presented by Liquid Architecture and Firstdraft
➷ 25th January
Anna Homler’s Pharmacia Poetica, curated by Cara Stewart, presented by Liquid Architecture at The nowNOW Festival, 107 Projects

⟿ 16th November
The Oloid by Alaska Orchestra launch, The Clothing Store, Carriageworks
⟿ October
Performance Space’s Liveworks festival, Agatha Gothe-Snape's Rhetorical Chorus, Carriageworks, Sydney
⟿ 27th June
with Lisa McCowage at Freda’s
⟿ February
Women in the Arts presents: French Girls + Vivre Sa Vivre at Down / Under Space

⟿ October
ArtsIceland/Outvert Art Space, Ísafjörður, Iceland
⟿ June
FBi Radio Ears Have Ears Live, The Oloid with Alaska Orchestra
⟿ April
MCA ARTBAR curated by Kate Scardifeld, Composition for Céline Condorelli ‘Structure for Communicating with Wind’
⟿ March
safARI at Kudos Gallery, Terra by Tiger Tiger (Megan Alice Clune and Angela Goh)