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If You Do

Released September 10 2021 on Room 40
Written, performed and mixed by Megan Alice Clune
Mastered by Lawrence English
Video by André Shannon and Jen Atherton, featuring Megan Alice Clune, Angela Goh and Evelyn Roth. Inflatables by Evelyn Roth.


✎Gonzo (circus) (NL): Review
✎15 Questions: interview
✎Groove Magazin (DEU): Review
✎Boomkat: Review
✎Rockerilla (IT): Review
✎Cyclic Defrost: Cyclic Selects
✎Silence and Sound (FR): Review
✎Audion: Review
✎First Floor #97: Review

Premiere: So Bored on Foxy Digitalis
Premiere: The Swirl of the Void on Cyclic Defrost